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“At last a portrayal of the ‘gospel’ with its Old Testament roots and New Testament cultural context. It helps Muslims to engage with the Cross as the divine answer to both human ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’. I want all my Muslim friends to see this.”
-Steve Bell
Analyst, trainer, author and speaker.
National Director for Interserve in Great Britain & Ireland

As I have studied other religions and spoken with many of their followers, it’s my prayer that Christians will take the time to examine the facts of the Christian faith as presented in this film. Let’s make sure we get these truths into people’s hands.”
-George Verwer
Founder of Operation Mobilization

“I appreciated this short documentary’s emphasis on God’s eternal Son becoming a man, being called ‘the Lamb of God’ (e.g., John 1:29) because He fulfilled the Old Testament’s prefigures and prophecies of a Redeemer who would take away our sin and reconcile us to a holy God, when He died on a Roman cross and rose again from the dead 2000 years ago. The narration, comments, and testimonies of Christians from around the world underscore the universal message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
-Dr. Don McKeon
Retired faculty, Virginia Tech

“The film ​was excellent!  Put together with great skill and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Well done!”
-​Mr Jim Eis​
Retired Businessman

“The writers of holy script were realistic. They did not embellish or add comments that would make the writings appear more spiritual or powerful. This DVD faithfully follows in the footsteps of Dr. Luke and the many others who shared scripture with us. It has the ring of truth.”
-Dale Rhoton
OM Ships, President Emeritus

“I thought it was very well done. Good timing. Not too long. Well done script with very good info and accuracy on the death and resurrection. We really enjoyed it.”
-Gary Shafer
Former teacher and drummer with Acts Chapter 12

“​​The essential claim of the Christian Gospel is that Jesus died for our sins, that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day, leaving his tomb empty. His followers to whom he appeared alive gladly spent the rest of their transformed lives giving eyewitness testimony to the world. But if this is fiction or delusion, nothing substantial remains. “Jesus Dead and Buried?” addresses hard questions, brings together scholarly evidence for the historicity of Jesus’ crucifixion and explains from the original accounts what God was doing through this event. Beautifully done.”
-Dr George Bristow
Author and Teacher


Best Documentary Film in the “Christian Online Film Festival” – April, 2018.